Evan Williams “Cursed Cask”
Single Barrel Bourbon

After successful runs with some Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon for Ace Spiritsof our own Evan Williams Bourbon barrels, we were informed last year that they just couldn’t keep up.  Evan Williams had discontinued their barrel program.  We were pretty dang pleased when our supplier came to us with news of an unclaimed barrel they discovered in their warehouse!  Evan Williams Single Barrel#1075 Bourbon was bottled on 11/9/13 for the ill fated Mustang Tavern, but before they could take delivery, the tavern shuttered.


Finding a way to unload such an item- emblazoEvan Williams Single Barrel for Ace Spiritsned with the logo of the defunct saloon wouldn’t be such an easy task, but we figured we’d give it a go.  We sampled the whiskey and while it didn’t knock our socks off, it was adequate if we could negotiate an attractive discount that could be passed on to the guest.


This single barrel of Evan Williams Bourbon has a nose that is a bit harsh.  The body is a bit sweeter than the other Evan Williams barrels we’ve had and lacks the long finish we enjoyed with our selections.  Nonetheless, it’s a fine bourbon for the price and sometimes that’s all you need.  Long story short- you’ve got a 10 year old, single barrel bourbon for just $20 and that’s hard to beat.
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